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"Bitcoin confidence game is a Ponzi scheme for the 21st century". Retrieved 23 September 2017. Archived from the original on Retrieved Lee, Timothy (5 November 2013). Bitcoin Clients (PDF) (Bachelor's Thesis)...
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Bitcoin u2 overclocking bat data

bitcoin u2 overclocking bat data

interest of providing a complete answer in one place, here's the full text from the linked forum post: Run a fresh install of Raspbian using noobs, after the install type ifconfig and make a note of the IP address, so that you. Frequency (MHZ aSIC Hash Rate (GHS frequency Hex 0981. I normally have a config file with various options set up that I load using bfgminer's -c flag.

Can you specify Antminer overclock settings in bfgminer config file?
Also my attempts at googling I found plenty of examples of people setting overclocking using the command line (or batch files) but none.
U2 are sold for a 2GH/s power mining but I just discovered that, with an adeguate extra cooling system, its very simple and efficient to overclock them.4GH/s.

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R2 being a 10k 0603 SMD Resistor and the R1 starting at 1k and going up.99k to reach recommended max.2v Once the resistors are replaced you can change the frequency hex to options on table. The Antminer U1 can run effectively without any hardware mods at frequencies between.6 and.0 GHS without running into problems. Something to keep in mind when Overclocking is that the Antminer U1s tend to get hot really fast once you start messing around with the frequency hex so I would recommend using adequate cooling. Type Q to exit cgminer. The command relevant to over clocking the raspi that I used is the following: sudo./cgminer -bmsc-options 115200:0.57 -o pool -u username -p password -bmsc-voltage 0800 -bmsc-freq 1286. However I would like to know if it is possible to specify these overclock settings in a config file. Stay tuned for a whole lot more at coinreport Click for image Click for featured zu hause arbeiten student image. Also, I did try to push the U3 voltage and frequency higher by playing with the settings as detailed in the U3 manual. Now, add cgminer to start automatically when the Pi is powered on and create a screen session: sudo nano /etc/rc. Login via PuTTY with the default username/password, then raspi-config if you would like to change the hostname, default password and. Also my attempts at googling I found plenty of examples of people setting overclocking using the command line (or batch files) but none using a config file. Where you see bmsc-freq 0781 and set-device antminer:clockx 0781 change the bold numbers to something else in the table.

Local, remember, Ctrl-X to exit, then type Y and press Enter to save changes. But I think I had to compile cgminer and configure it to include bmsc. Those last two options (bmsc-voltage and bmsc-freq) are what over clocked the rasp. Caution: Although it is purported that.2 is reachable without a change to resistors, I have not had any luck.