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Its just some people trying to make a quick buck. I dont expect him to change his mind about us but hope that if anything hell eventually recognize that were trying to..
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Will bitcoin split

will bitcoin split

"It's intentionally a decentralized process. That's not very much. Bitcoin is being faced with the possibilities of a split as well as the scenarios that could play out around the split. Ver admits he could potentially benefit from such a schism as more coins are created. Some bitcoin exchanges and wallets have said they will bitcoin historische kurs support the new coin, while others are uncertain whether Bitcoin Cash will have lasting market value. A "hard" fork such as XT is not backwards-compatible with other versions of the software, meaning that any divergence in adoption is more difficult to reconcile.

"But if they invested, they presumably invested in the hope that Bitcoin would take off and become really mainstream. Assuming that the 2x chain begins with a majority of the current hash power, geld verdienen mit leihen the 1x chain will be vulnerable to attack. In a sense, a split is 100-percent guaranteed, said Todd, a key coding contributor to bitcoin. Developers disagree over what the maximum size of those blocks should. However, SegWit2X could potentially push small miners out of the market and put the Bitcoin ecosystem under the control of a few miners. Long-term, only the main bitcoin chain which has the support of users and developers can survive. Mike Belshe, CEO of BitGo and.